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Daytop Multicultural Centre CIC


Giving back to the Community

Daytop Multicultural Centre (DMC)
The people's Choice Award 2022

A Multi-culture, Minority Ethnic group, Daytop Multicultural Centre based in Aylesbury,

Buckinghamshire, channels its energy and resources to help add positive value to the

community through brilliant community integration, cohesion and commitment to great

service delivery, enabling equal opportunities for all regardless of sex, race, ethnic origin,

disability, religion or belief.

Working more strategically and colaborating with smaller Ethnic groups, building stronger

relationships, making more positive impact both within and outside the Buckinghamshire county

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our Founder Dayo Olowosale for receiving His Majesty The King's British Empire Medal BEM Award

Congratulations to our Founder and Director - Dayo Olowosale on his recent award of a British Empire

Medal BEM from His Majesty King Charles III, The king of United Kingdom,  presented by The Countess Howe, His Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire

Appreciating our Volunteers at the Annual Reception 2022 with Mayor of Aylesbury

We understand that Volunteers do not necessarily have the time but you have a Heart of Gold.

Your commitment to the community is evident in everything yo do and you have taken the concept of giving back to the highest level. 

On behalf of the Directors of Daytop Multicultural

Centre, thank you so much for your attitude of

gratitude and commitment to serve

Strategic Session with Thames valley Police at the High Sheriff's Justice Dinner  

Brilliant community engagement at the The High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire - High Sheriff's Justice Dinner

It was an educative and informative session by the team on  Thames Valley Police Race Action Plan including supporting internal and external events to improve policing.

Great event

Collaboration is Key to Success